Wilhelm Wundt, Father of Psychology

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Through Wundt’s work the new science of psychology had been born in Germany but psychology soon evolved beyond Germany and there were challenges of Wundtian psychology.

These challenges only furthered the development of psychology as a science, separating psychology into different schools of thought. Many German as well as American psychologists some of whom had been Wundt’s students, strongly influenced and furthered the new science by coming up with their own theories or opening their own laboratories. (Schultz, 1975).

Through the making of an experimental psychology laboratory, a journal in which to publish laboratory results and rigorous training of his students who in turn went on to open new laboratories, Wundt founded psychology.

In the history of psychology Wundt’s achievements stand out as important stepping-stones in the furthering and diversification of the science. Contributing not only to the development of psychology in Germany but in other countries as well, Wundt’s influence has been vast.

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