Wilhelm Wundt, Father of Psychology

Wilhelm Wundt and Introspection: the cultural contribution of the father of psychology

Wilhelm Wundt is thought of as one of the founding fathers, if not the founding father of psychology. Wundt did not discover psychology, as that distinction does not go to one person but belongs to the individual efforts of many. What Wundt is credited with doing is founding psychology, or in other words he made psychology a true science.

Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt was born on August 16, 1832 in the town of Neckarau in Germany. His father was a Lutheran minister, whose assistant was Wilhelm’s tutor as well as his roommate.

At the age of 13 Wilhelm was sent off to boarding school and at age 19 he went to University to study medicine in order to make a living. He spent time at the University of Tubingen, Heidelberg, and Berlin.

In 1857 he was chosen as a Dozent or lecturer at the University of Heidelberg and held courses on physiology. Between 1858 and 1864 he was also assistant to the renowned physiologist Helmholtz. (Bringmann et al. 1980).

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